Assignment to Event Specialist

Immediately following your contact with WVTT Meeting Services your organization is assigned to one of our Event Specialists. From this point forward he or she will be your primary point of contact as well as the lead specialist on your event. This specialist will coordinate marketing research, sponsorship procurement and statistical assembling for your event. He will attend meetings with your eventmarketingorganization and liaise between you and sponsors for your event. His purpose is to provide as much or as little assistance as you need to have a successful event.

Procurement of Sponsorship

All organizations have businesses that cater to their employees and/or membership. Your Specialist will research those businesses and determine if any of them would be candidates to sponsor your event. Once he identifies those businesses he will contact them, inform them about your event and offer them the sponsorship packages that he and your finance team have built. If they purchase a package he will coordinate the collection of their graphics and merchandise for placement in the event structure.

Creation of Mobile App for Event (Apple and Android)

Everyone and everything has an App these days. Why shouldn’t your event have one as well? Your Specialist has the ability to create a custom mobile app for your event that can be placed in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. This app can be a simple advertisement of your event; miniature versions of your event web page; hold links to your registration page, housing page, travel management page or any combination of the above. The app can be embedded in a QR barcode which can then be printed on any event material or advertisement. Your Specialist can make recommendations for app content and placement.

Delegate Packs 

Swag! That is honestly one of the biggest enticements to events these days. People are drawn to free stuff. Your Specialist will assist your marketing team to assemble delegate packages for your event. Key chains, pens, usb drives are of course time honored additions to delegate packs, but thinking outside the box will make a much bigger impression. Your Specialist can help you come up with innovative additions that will impress and be memorable to your attendees.

Venue Area Business Contact 

The last time you held an event how much support did you receive from the local area? Your Specialist will contact the local chamber of commerce and inform their membership of your event and how they can get involved. Local business usually look forward to events coming into their area because it stimulates their economy. Often times restaurants and merchants will offer your attendees discounts in return for being listed in your publications.

Media Contact 

How will your potential attendees learn about your event? Are you just depending on your organization’s web site? Word of mouth from a past event? Your membership newsletter? Your Specialist knows of many possibilities for getting the word out about your event and is happy to explore all of them with you. 

Creation and Distribution of Surveys and Questionnaires  

How do you know if your marketing worked? Your Specialist will help your team to develop and distribute surveys and questionnaires about your event. A 1 or 2 question survey given at the end of panel discussions or presentations provide immediate feedback. Other longer surveys can be added to the delegate packs. Brief but pointed questionnaires can be e-mailed to the attendees a week after the event. Other methods of distribution can be utilized as well as methods to motivate your attendees to return them. Once the surveys are returned, your Specialist can help your marketing team compile the data and create reports so the data can be used for future reference.

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