Assignment to Event Specialist

Immediately following your contact with WVTT Meeting Services your organization is assigned to one of our Event Specialists. From this point forward he or she will be your primary point of contact as well as the lead specialist on your event. This specialist will coordinate the building and daily maintenance of the housing web page for your event. He will attend meetings with your organization and liaise between you and the lodging vendors for your event. His purpose is to provide as much or as little assistance as you need to have a successful event.

Procurement of Housing

Your Specialist will research various locations to find places that will meet the needs of your event. He will consider the planned dates of the event, estimated number of attendees, ease of access, other events happening at the same time that could conflict with yours as well as other factors that assist in determining housing location(s). Once he narrows down the list locations he will send out proposals to those locations to see if they are interested in housing your event. Your Specialist will be your advocate in negotiating with the facilities to get the best possible contract for your event. He will negotiate room prices, incentives and additional compensations. His goal is to get the lowest housing costs for your organization. He will also make arrangements for possible future needs to be able to be amended into the contract(s).

Design and Operation of Internet Housing Page(s)

Your Specialist will design an internet web-page containing all the information required for attendees to reserve lodging. This usually includes names and contact information as well as hotel selection, room type selection, any special needs or accommodations the attendees require and credit card information to hold the room. Your Specialist can build in any graphics, pictures or text to assist the attendee in making their selection. Once the housing page is live, your Specialist will monitor the reservations and assist the attendees in making any necessary changes to their personal reservation. If any technical problems arise, your Specialist will make every possible effort to correct or repair the issue in as timely a manner as possible.

Response Management with Unlimited Reporting

Hotels like to be kept updated on the progress of their room pick-up during the reservations stages. Your organization may also need housing information on your attendees to coordinate finances or make additions to hotel contracts. Your Specialist can create unlimited reports from the information gathered on the Housing site. Simple attendee head counts, individualized hotel pick-up reports and intricate information comparisons are just a few of the reports your Specialist can devise. Each report can be sent on a one time basis or a link to a live, constantly updating report can be sent to whoever requires it. If a link is sent, it can be formatted in a number of programs.

Automated Confirmation E-mails and Reminder E-mails Help Increase Attendance

When reservations are made long in advance of the event itself it is easy to forget that you have made a reservation or where your reservation was made. Your Specialist can build customized, automated e-mail letters to your attendees. E-mails can be set up to be sent upon the successful completion of the reservation that detail the specifics of the reservation along with any other information you would like them to receive upon registration such as cancellation policies. Your Specialist can also send out timed reminder letters to all attendees, again detailing their reservation and any additional information requested by you. There is no limit to the number and type of letters that can be sent. Also if your attendee does not have an e-mail address, your Specialist can send these letters via the US Postal Service.

Live Phone Support for All Services During Business Hours

At times attendees get confused about how to fill out the housing page or need assistance correcting a mistake they made when they registered. Your Specialist, as well as the entire WVTT Meeting Services staff, is on hand between the hours of 8:30 AM and 6:00 PM, EST Monday – Friday to take calls and assist in whatever way necessary. Limited staff is available on Saturdays between the hours of 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM, EST. A message can be left during non-business hours which will be retuned on the following business day.

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