Assignment to Event Specialist

Immediately following your contact with WVTT Meeting Services your organization is assigned to one of our Event Specialists. From this point forward he or she will be your primary point of contact as well as the lead specialist on your event. This specialist will coordinate on-site staffing and liaise with the venue staff for your event. He will attend meetings with your organization and make onlinesupportrecommendations for on-site management needs. His purpose is to provide as much or as little assistance as you need to have a successful event.

Set-Up and Break-Down

It takes a small army to physically run a successful event. Your Specialist will arrive a day or two before your event to assist in the setting up of all needed materials and graphics. He will act as the go between with your staff and the venue’s staff to ensure a conflict free and speedy set-up. Once the event is over he will remain as needed to take down and remove all event material and again coordinate with the venue staff to facilitate a painless conclusion to a successful event.

On-Site Registration

Sometimes people wait until the last minute to register for an event and miss the on-line deadline. For these folks your Specialist will be on hand to register them at the event itself. He will process their payment and create all their needed receipts and event materials. He will also assist your event staff in locating lost registrations and handling last minute cancellations. To do all of this he will maintain contact with the WVTT Meeting Services office and utilize the same programs and materials that your event has employed from the beginning.

Distribution of Name Badges and Event Materials

There is a lot of material to be handed out at registration tables. Your Specialist will be on hand at the table to assist attendees in locating their name badges, picking up tickets for special activities, picking up event merchandise, getting their very important delegate package and the many other materials they are responsible to retrieve when they register. He will assist in making replacement badges for attendees who are unable to locate theirs. He will research attendee purchases if there is a discrepancy in their order. He will be on hand to help out in any way necessary to facilitate the registration process.


Event Coordinators have their hands full the entire duration of the event. Your Specialist will act as liaison between your event personnel and the venue and vendor staffs. This will allow your event personnel to focus on their tasks without the worry of other crews distracting them. This also makes sure that information gets communicated in the same manner each and every time instead of moving haphazardly through multiple points of contact where the information may get misunderstood or have portions left out.


“On every wedding some rain must fall.” Stuff happens. When it does your Specialist will be on hand to come up with a solution. He will assist in identifying the problem then make every effort to help correct the situation before it becomes a major incident. He will coordinate with the appropriate staff member or vendor to find the best solution for the difficulty. His job is to make your job easy.

Lost Name Badges

Inevitably someone leaves their name badge in a cab or at a restaurant. Your Specialist can reprint badges for attendees there on-site. He will use the data stored on WVTT Meeting Service’s server to reproduce the badge so it appears exactly as the first one did.

Creation and Distribution of Surveys and Questionnaires

How do you know if your attendees are enjoying your event? Your Specialist will help your team to develop and distribute surveys and questionnaires about your event. There can be 1 or 2 question surveys at the end of panel discussions or presentations for immediate feedback. Other longer surveys can be added to the delegate packs. Other methods of distribution can be utilized as well as methods to motivate your attendees to return them. Once the surveys are returned, your Specialist can help your team compile the data and create reports so the data can be used for future reference.

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