Assignment to Event Specialist

Immediately following your contact with WVTT Meeting Services your organization is assigned to one of our Event Specialists. From this point forward he or she will be your primary point of contact as well as the lead specialist on your event. This specialist will coordinate the site selection for your event. He will attend meetings with your organization and liaise between you and the venues approached to host with your event and attendees. His purpose is to provide as much or as little assistance as you need to have a successful event.

Research site locations (RFP)

Your Specialist will research various locations to find places that will meet the needs of your event. He will consider the planned dates of the event, estimated number of attendees, meeting space(s) needed, ease of access, housing capabilities if needed, other events happening at the same time that could conflict with yours as well as other factors that assist in determining the ideal location to host your event. Once he narrows down the list locations he will send out queries to those locations to see if they are interested in hosting your event. He will then notify you of all of the positive responses and give you a detailed comparison report on each.

Site Visit(s)

To make an informed decision about where to hold your event it helps to actually see the venue. Your Specialist will assist in arranging site visits with the venue staff of the locations you are seriously considering. He will make transportation and housing arrangements for your visit. He will also attend the visit along with you if desired to assist in making inquiries and adding an extra set of eyes and ears. He will then make suggestions and recommendations based on his experiences during the site visit.

Contract Negotiation & Procurement of Meeting Venue

Once the site visits are concluded and you have decided on the location you felt would best serve your needs it is time to actually get it in writing. Your Specialist will be your advocate in negotiating with the venue to get the best possible contract for your event. He will negotiate venue price, services pricing, incentives and additional compensations. His goal is to get the most out of the venue for the lowest cost to your organization. He will also make arrangements for possible future needs to be able to be amended into the contract with the venue.

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